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Fire Protection for Amusement Rides
Author: SinoridesTime: 2016-09-12 17:09:33

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There are a wide range of amusement rides, and the good ones not only depend on an excellent maintenance but also a good daily fire-fighting measure. So, what fire protection measures should we take for amusement rides?

1. From the aspect of location, children amusement park should be set at the first to three floor of the mall, and setting at the underground mall or floors above 4 is always prohibited.

2. Before installation, indoor children amusement rides should be actively put on record in the local department, and be equipped with complete fire equipment, including fire distinguisher, emergency lights for fire accident, evacuation indicatory sign, and so on. The equipment should be checked frequently to ensure its availability.

3. The layout of electric circuit should meet the demand and be in order to keep an enough distance with combustibles when we use high-power electrical appliance. Meanwhile, a fire fight access should be reserved in installation.

4. When fire happens, the main reason for people’s death from suffocation is large amount of toxic smoke generated by combustibles, so Sinorides reminds you that all the materials of amusement equipment should be non-flammable, or fire resistant or combustible after fire retardant treatment.

5. Emergency exit in the amusement park should have at least 2, and 1 separate exit is preferable. And it must set separate exit if the mall is high-rise building.

6. A strict daily inspection is needed, and you should check if some problems will appear, and repair the rides as soon as possible.

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