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Flying Chair, a Great Choice for Your Park!
Author: SinoridesTime: 2016-12-10 11:42:30

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Just like a blooming flower when it runs, passengers are dancing ups and downs on the “petals” as the equipment rotates. This equipment is exactly Flying Chair amusement ride, which is one of the hot sales in Sinorides. Taking the equipment is very stimulating and interesting by making people have weightless sense. Not just adults, kids can also play it and have a great time.

The playing rule of Flying Chair is a little different from other equipments: its seats are not armed made by steel but iron chains linked together to give passengers a feeling of floating in the air. 5 to 10 minutes' playing time is most appropriate. Small flying chair is fit for kids of over 3 or 4 years old, but large flying chair can be seated by kids aged over 10, so choosing this equipment needs a good consideration depending on your site’s real condition.

The shape of this amusement equipment is rich and various, such as Fruit Flying Chair, Children Flying Chair. All the materials are made by glass fiber reinforced plastics, which is solid and not easy to be damaged, and its painting color is brighter than other materials'. So glass fiber reinforced plastics is the most appropriate material for the amusement equipment in great demand of the appearance.   

Besides, Flying Chair is also an amusement equipment of low investment. And the size of it can be large even giant to meet the various demands. Just choose it to add your park a most beautiful sight! 

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