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For the Safety of Your Kids!
Author: SinoridesTime: 2016-11-11 15:56:25

                                                    Kids Track Train Rides

Now most of the families are single-child, and for parents they want to give their kids more love and care. Every weekend or on holidays, many parents will take their kids to go to the amusement park to play amusement rides. In order to keep the kids safe, we should try to eliminate accidents caused by the negligence of parents and other reasons. This article is written for the passengers, and it also must be noted for the operator.

1. Kids must be carefully read the instructions and safety signs before taking the ride, and cannot take the ride not fit for them.

2. Do not take kids to take the unsanitary and old rides, which can not only reduce the possibility of infectious diseases, but also avoid the occurrence of failure rate.

3. Do not take kids to play the rides with so many crowds, which can reduce the risk of infection, and avoid the collision of many children. You can go to other places to play, and play the rides when the people there are less.

4. When taking the ride, remind the equipment operator to wear seat belt for the kids, and remind the child to sit firmly in the seats and hold tight. Tell them not to put the head, hands or other parts of the body outside the cabin, and not to unlock security belt in case of danger.

5. Do not allow kids to eat snacks or drinks to avoid the possibility of a choke when the ride is running. When seeing such phenomena, the operators should stop the rides in time.

6. If the operators cannot take care of each kid, however, parents should not go far away from the kids, but stay near them. When finding dangerous situation, parents should promptly remind the operator to stop the rides.

7. When the rides stop running, parents should remind the kids to sit there and wait for the staff to unlock the seat belt, then they can get off the rides.


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