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How Do Drop Tower Rides Work and Full-size Drop Tower Ride for Sale
Author: SinoridesTime: 2020-09-17 17:12:39
If you have a theme park or an amusement park, the drop tower is a must amusement ride for your choice. Before you buy a drop tower ride, you must learn about how do drop tower rides work, and how to choose the best drop tower manufacturer from China.
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Drop Tower Tide Introduction
SINORIDES Drop Tower Tide also named Jumping Circle is a kind of jumping machine, because the movement is the theme of the frog, so named frog jump. Drop Tower Tide is the equipment to a certain extent and then will quickly jump off the section and along the upper and lower rails to do the level of rotation around to achieve the effect of stimulation, like sitting on the back of the big frogs bounce feel. And there is a bungee feeling, but this is relatively safe, by tourists, especially young tourists favorite. Jumping Circle is one exciting and fun amusement ride, deeply loved by people. It is a good choice for your investment which can bring you a huge profits
Drop Tower Tide Working Conditions and Working Environment
1. Power supply: three-phase four-wire 380V/220V 50Hz, power capacity not less than 3.2KW.
2. When the power supply voltage fluctuation range is more than ±10% of rated value, operations shall be suspended until it returns to normal.
3. Stop operations when bad weather, power outages, or other emergency situations appear.
4. This amusement ride applies to the area below altitude 1500 meters.
5. Environment relative humidity is not more than 90%, or it will rust.
Drop Tower Tide Operating Principle
This amusement ride mainly consists of a mechanical system and an electrical system.
Drop Tower Tide Mechanical System
Three-phase alternating current makes the big gear rotate through the reducer, which promotes the whole equipment to run. The frequency converter and motor in the console box keep the whole machine operate steadily.
Drop Tower Tide Electrical System
1. The electrical system consists of an electrical control cabinet, a rotating electrical machine, a conducting ring, and decorating the circuit of LED lights.
2. Drop Tower Tide Electrical System Working Principle
The power supply of three-phase four-line 380V/220V enters into the electric control box through the total power switch (configured by users). The detailed steps are as follows: firstly, turn on the automatic air switch on the control box panel; secondly, switch on the control power switch to control the electric circuit, waiting for the next step; thirdly, press the BELL button, circuit will bell 5 seconds as preparation; fourthly, press the ROTATION button, circuit enter the timing-operation state which brings rotating machinery electric power to drive amusement ride to rotate. 12V AC gets to lights decoration circuit through the conductive ring and produces different patterns of lights flashing effect. Otherwise, run periodic time can adjust by controlling the small button on time-relay of the control box.