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How to Allocate Amusement Park Equipment?
Author: SinoridesTime: 2016-09-30 15:00:35

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Amusement park equipment should be allocated in the amusement park, but how? Sinorides here offers 3 respects for every operator to refer.

The first one is management area. Children indoor amusement park directly influences the allocation of amusement park equipment. Many an indoor amusement park usually needs a large coverage area. If the management area is small, it cannot hold a lot of rides. Small equipments have lower price, so the investment will not be too much. It needs notice that a small management area doesn't mean not making money. For example, some amusement park equipment of child growing them park, need a coverage area reaching 40 or 50 square meters. If your management area has only 70 0r 80 square meters, you need consider smaller amusement park equipment.

The second one is to know the equipment's type. Amusement park equipment can be categorized into dynamic and static ones. Normally the dynamic equipment is more welcomed by the market, but they are also more expensive. So you need to consider it comprehensively.

The last one concerns about the market traits. All the investment follows the market, and the consumers decide our investment content. If the main consumers of your park are kids aged 1-3, then you need to buy equipment suitable for 1-3 year-old kids.


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