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How to Break Through the Bottleneck of Amusement Equipment Industry
Author: SinoridesTime: 2016-11-07 15:52:24

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If we want to talk about breakthrough, then we should first talk about the plight of amusement equipment industry. The main problems are two: one is the homogeneous patterns leading to the serious problem of homogenization, so the equipments are highly similar, activities are similar, all showing a similar development scene, which for children and parents, lacks freshness. The other is that the focus is only on the children and it ignores the potential consumption of parents. This problem has been recognized by a lot of people, which explains why the parent-child activities are so hot.

Since the characteristics are not prominent, family consumption is ignored and cultural resources are weak and other issues, amusement equipment industry needs to break through the inherent theme of business development mode, and not only to identify the real target consumer groups, but also through new methods and new ways to seek new development. The future of children themed business will show three major trends:

Trend I: Combining with high-tech interactive technology, bringing more freshness

With the high-tech entering our life, amusement equipment industry should also format with the latest scientific and technological means, making the  children consumers keep interested at any time in order to continue increasing brand loyalty and consumption stickiness. Full chain of children's entertainment, games, video, animation, education and related things, whole industry products and experience and services will appear in the form of the Internet before the consumers. The future business mode will be an upgrading revolution of new consumption behavior brought about scientific progress.

Trend II: Triggering "family-style" consumption, and create a parent-child "micro-tourism"

More parent-child activities will be activated in this industry. With the growing of short-distance travel, the operator can also integrate the "micro-tourism" concept into the industry and play the enormous power of weekend economy, making shopping malls, and shopping centers become the first choice for family consumption at weekends.

Trend III: Strong layout planning

Children's playgrounds are getting bigger and bigger, but this is not the only way to stand out among the competition from other children's playgrounds. Choosing a large operating area is almost a gamble: if the "big" image's the pulling force on the passenger flow is greater than the performance loss caused by reduced efficiency, you will win; vice versa, you lose. Therefore, the expansion of the operating area is an option, but must be under the help of professional partners to make a reasonable layout.


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