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How to Do After-sales Service
Author: SinoridesTime: 2016-12-22 15:51:09

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Now there are a lot of amusement equipment brands, and after-sales service is a most important part for the brand to continue its business. Now comes to a question:   how to do it?

The first is the focus on the contract and being credible. Each amusement equipment company should be in strict accordance with the contract law and sign purchase and sale contracts with the customer, make production based on the requirements of the contract, and seriously sign after-sales service terms. Once it appears quality problems, the company should actively coordinate good after-sales service.

Then it is followed by the strict quality control. Amusement equipment company should grasp the quality of staff, and do not blindly improve production efficiency while ignore the product procession. Product's quality improvement will naturally bring about low product failure rate, and can reduce the probability of after-sales service.

Finally is concerned about the notification before and after the installation. Amusement equipment company must communicate well with the customer, and before the installation of equipment the customer should be required to make the foundation following the drawings. If the amusement equipment company don't need to arrange workers to install equipment (such as track trains), they should inform the customer of the problems and steps as for the installation about the equipment. After the completion of the installation manufacturers have the responsibility and obligation to inform customers of daily maintenance precautions.

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