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How to Make Your Park Outstanding?
Author: SinoridesTime: 2016-10-25 16:27:08

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New style, new features, new playing rules of amusement equipment will attract some curious children to play, thus increasing the popularity of the park. But faced up with so many new equipments, how to introduce and attract tourists, especially children's attention, many park owners feel head aching. Sinorides will offer you a few tips to make your park stand out to create greater efficiency.

1. Hang small sign on the new equipment to tell children playing rules, and arrange some staff to teach children how to play the equipment; if the staff is at good service, he or she can also attract a lot of children;

2. Put the latest amusement equipment in the most conspicuous place, and use ribbons, balloons and other brightly colored decorations to attract the eye;

3. Within the limit of fees, owners can launch a free trial chance, let the children have first time free participation; if they like it at the first time, and being attracted later is not difficult;

4. Carry out appropriate activities aimed at the equipment, so that parents may feel that making children experience new equipment not only cultivate the spirit of exploration, but it is very cost-effective and much more fun;

5. On the entrance of the park set a board reminding there is "new partner", and children can play the game of finding "new partner" and establish appropriate awards, so children will naturally pay attention to the new equipment.

It is worth emphasizing that, since children will feel a sense of strangeness to the new equipment, you must arrange some staff to ensure the safety of children.