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How to Play Self-control Plane
Author: SinoridesTime: 2016-09-14 15:32:44

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Self-control Plane, or kids self-control plane, or amusement ride self-control plane, is a classic innovative amusement ride. It is very welcomed in amusement park, theme park, riverside park, scenic spot, community and so on. The name, self-control plane, means you can control the ride by yourself. The height of self-control plane can be controlled by riders, and in the same time all kinds of coordination of lights and sounds. Riders can easily go into the playing atmosphere, and will be excited just like fighting and pursuing in the air by warplane.

After the plane starts and rotates about one circle, you can push the button to make the rotary arm rise and fall, then repeat it twice. This step is to check if the place has any malfunction on the rising and falling, and also check the speed so you can control time to avoid when the plane behind shoot you. If you want to shoot the plane before you, you can slowly adjust the height of the arm and find the right chance. And push the button immediately to shoot, meanwhile you will hear the crashing roaring as the plane before falls down.        

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