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How to Repair Amusement Equipment Radial Ball Bearings
Author: SinoridesTime: 2016-10-20 15:30:20

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Radial bearings are structural parts of amusement equipment. How do we repair them if the bearings don't work anymore?

1. The supporting shelf of new amusement equipment is easy to break, and the ferules have to go through wears and damages. When repairing, the supporting shelf can be replaced by the new one or be welded and reshaped, and the ferules can be welded, restructured, or equipped (increase ball diameter) and so on.

2. The worn ferrite raceway should adopt equipment method, and gets rid of worn part, so the inner ring raceway diameter will be reduced and outer ring raceway diameter increases. During equipment, if you use the original ball, the bearing radial clearance will increase a lot. So you must choose a larger steel ball.

3. The number of selected balls should remain the same, convenient to use the original good supporting shelf. However, the ball diameter and the number are limited to the filling angle (center angle). The ball diameter increases, and the filling angle should also increase. When the filling angle exceeds 180° , a number of difficulties will be caused. Therefore, the new ball should only be generally larger one level than the original ball.