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How to Solve the Security Issue of Amusement Park
Author: SinoridesTime: 2016-11-12 15:01:10

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On holidays, amusement park will arrive at the peak period, and the security issue at the same time will once again mentioned. In fact, whether operators or tourists, as long as they pay more attention to the security issue during operation and playing, the safety can be guaranteed. The following introduction will tell you about how to safely operate amusement park.

1. Operation Aspect

1.1 It is known that a lot of amusement equipment safety problems are caused by the not standardized operations, such as the on-site operator does not strictly check whether the tourist's seat belt is tied before starting the machine, does not conduct a comprehensive inspection to find the existing faults before starting the machine and so on. The operators can pay sufficient attention to the strict implementation of safety procedures in order to minimize the incidence of security incidents.

1.2 The amusement park is too crowded. Staff crowding will exceed the amusement equipment's bearing limit, and it can easily lead to security incidents. Therefore, operators should value it and control the number of tourists. In the event of a security incident, only from the aspect of economic losses, it will bring incalculable economic losses to the operators, let alone bring a series of other serious problems. Therefore, the operator should not ignore the possible big hidden dangers just to get some small profits.

1.3. Operators should be strict to control the quality of the products. As for the manufacturers' qualification, materials of the amusement equipment, these things should be seriously treated because the quality problem is also a critical factor in causing accidents.

2. Tourists Aspect

2.1. Before experiencing the equipment, visitors should carefully read the "passenger notice" or "riding instructions" and the relevant warning signs, and listen to the command of on-site staff.

2.2 When the amusement equipment is running, visitors cannot stretch hands, arms, or feet out of the equipment, and cannot to untie the seat belt, or open the safety bar.

2.3 Parents should not force or induce children to play equipment with difficulty and a certain risk. Children can play some traditional projects, such as carousel, mini flying car, coffee cup, etc. The aim is to achieve safe family entertainment rather than blindly pursuit of stimulation.

2.4 The most important thing is the tourists themselves at any time to maintain a strong sense of prevention, and can be keenly aware of the existence of danger. When parents improve their awareness of prevention, they must also remind the children's attention to safety.

All in all, as long as the operators are in strict accordance with the procedures and business norms, and visitors should not arbitrarily play but comply with the rules and be vigilant, the security issue can be avoided.

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