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Improving Original Design for Amusement Equipment Industry
Author: SinoridesTime: 2016-11-21 16:28:07

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With the improvement of foreign amusement equipment industry, the amusement park equipment products gradually turn into domestic sales. However, amusement equipment manufacturers' OEM mode of thinking has still no change. Powerful amusement equipment manufacturers can make certain improvement based on the foreign products to meet the needs of domestic children. And small amusement equipment manufacturers with not enough qualification completely imitate the innovated products produced by powerful manufacturers, and take advantage of price war to obtain orders. A lot of amusement equipment manufacturers who catch this idea that this method can not only save costs but also make money, gradually form an imitation trend. So the innovation of amusement equipment industry has still stagnated.

In the amusement equipment industry, the result of price war is the quality failure of amusement equipment. Powerful amusement equipment manufacturers in the development of a new product hope that the products can be recognized by the market, so their manufactured products will be fully in line with national standards or higher than it. After recognized in the market, other manufacturers begin to imitate by price war to suppress other amusement equipment manufacturers. In the price war, manufacturers have to reduce costs, which causes the quality is not high. Gradually it will move to a vicious circle of direction. If the quality problem causes accidents to happen frequently, it will cause people's distrust in the industry. Then the market will go shrinking.

Amusement equipment manufacturers are not supposed to imitate endlessly, but should be based on the imitation of some original elements to gain market recognition, creating a virtuous circle for the entire industry.

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