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Introduction to Shark Island Ride
Author: SinoridesTime: 2016-11-15 16:28:33

                                            Shark Island Rides

Shark Island Ride is a rotating water amusement equipment, belonging to children amusement equipment and widely used in different places. During running, its cockpits rotate around the center and the water gun on the cockpits will "attack" the center's animals under the passenger's manipulation. If the animal is hit, then this animal will make sounds or spray water. With the run-time music, the whole scene just gives the passengers the impression of a fierce "water war."

The equipment generally consists of 12 cockpits, each cockpit for two people, two cockpits for a group to play games. Generally the run time is set to five minutes or so, and the charging price varies according to location. Generally an adult can play the game with a child.

There are several shapes to choose from, and the appearance is in beautiful colors and it is very attractive to tourists. With the decoration on the pool the equipment looks more colorful. The central shape is made up by shark, dolphin, octopus and other cartoon images, and the cockpit is children's favorite whale shape.

There are a lot of manufacturers of Shark Island Ride, but the strength, reputation; product prices, quality, shape, etc. of each manufacturer are different. In order to purchase the appropriate amusement equipment you are advised to carry out site visits to the factory, and purchase the ride after seeing the actual equipment for comparison.


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