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Introduction to Sinorides Luxury Carousel
Author: SinoridesTime: 2016-11-04 15:12:45

                                                           36 Seats Luxury Carousel

The new European-style Luxury Carousel, designed and produced by Sinorides, with its colorful lighting, exquisite glass steel, and stable mechanical structure, has won the recognition of customers. According to the recent feedback of our customers, we have learned that this Luxury Carousel has become one of the most worthy of investment in amusement rides industry during 2016.

The new European-style Luxury Carousel adopts European classical decorative style, with gold-based colors. The roof and middle fence are equipped with a large number of golden curly grass, the top with more luxurious gold ball decoration, and the middle hoard with mirror. Through reflection during operation, the horses inside and outside creates a magnificent scene. The horses are decorated with fine gems, and in the bright light the irradiation is magnificent. The turntable imitates wood flooring fiberglass decoration, coupled with beautiful horses and carriages, which are more gorgeous and luxurious. With the soft music, accompanied by horses' rising and falling, tourists feel as if they were in a fairy tale world.

Solid product quality has created the outstanding performance in the market. In general, Luxury Carousel of Sinorides has covered commercial display, self-employed places, and theme park projects. In the past months, Sinorides has helped customers solve the equipment operation and all the other aspects of business issues. We believe that Sinorides products will make a more bright future in the development process.

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