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Layout of Theme Park
Author: SinoridesTime: 2016-09-09 16:05:28

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A theme park must have multiply theme areas of amusement rides. Every area, due to the different content, has a different number of passengers who take part in the activities. The coverage area of entertainment project is large or small, so, a good layout is a necessity and the amusement rides should be arranged according to the features of the amusement park.

An important point of the layout is to distribute passenger flow and make sure a good management. Apart from that, it should consider passengers’ psychological needs, and pay attention to the collocation of the dynamic area and the static area, as well as the distinction between adults and kids.

From the other view, when the theme park determines the project type, content and style of them scenic spots, it should take account that each theme scenic spot’s position planning and mutual transition and division. In this way, a beautiful and natural environment and a reasonable layout can be created for the theme park.

Passengers usually cannot keep their motions and strength for a long time. Therefore, a successful theme park should emphasize certain rhythm of “prologue, climax, slack transition, climax” when it organizes scenic spots and separates them. This kind of spatial sequence mode can make passengers casually enjoy themselves in different space.

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