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Main Components of Park Amusement Rides
Author: SinoridesTime: 2016-09-13 15:21:54

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Park amusement rides are always a popularity for people, and have lots of types and series. But most of us don't actually know about the structures of them though we have played them so many times. Today Sinorides talks about the main components of them for a further understanding of them.

Park amusement rides are composed of machinery, structural, electric, hydraulic, pneumatic parts. Among them, machinery function is to realize movement, structural one is to solve loading capacity, electric one is to control and pull, hydraulic and pneumatic ones are a way to realize transmission. Although differences in structure, motional ways, size, appearance, etc., main components of park amusement rides are almost the same:

1Base, which consists of base, support arm, foot margin;

2Support, which consists of backbone, beam. 

3Drive, which consists of electric, combustion motor, manpower.

4Transmission, which consists of machinery transmission, hydraulic transmission, pneumatic transmission.

5Motion, which consists of cabins, gear, etc.

6Operation, which consists of operation room, operation station, operation handle. 

7Control, which consists of control devices, control procedures.

8Decoration, which consists of appearance decorations, lights.

9Platform, which consists of passenger platform, passenger stair.

10Isolation, which consists of safety fence, transit fence.

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