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Maintenance for Major Rides
Author: SinoridesTime: 2016-09-24 16:13:07

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Major rides, just like other kinds of amusement rides, need to be maintained well for longer service life. Now Sinorides talks about this topic in a detailed way.

1. The maintenance work of major rides should be carried out by relevant qualified major rides maintenance unit or use unit.

2. The maintenance of major rides is not allowed to be subcontracted or transferred in any form.

3. Safety administrators and maintenance staff of major rides should follow national relative regulations to pass the text held by special rides safety administration department, and acquire the national special operation staff certificate, then they can undertake relative work or management job.

4. During the process of maintenance, present working staff should never fewer than 2 persons; present safety precautions should be put into use.

5. The duration of service of major rides should be no longer than the regulated duration of service required by national relevant laws or auditing report. If it is over the requirement, these major rides need to get renewed, or renovated by qualified unit, and then can be put into use after passing the inspection.

6. Maintenance should be recorded and be signed by related personnel.


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