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Maintenance of Amusement Rides after Holidays
Author: SinoridesTime: 2016-09-12 17:11:30

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After the summer vacation, many operators of amusement rides certainly have made big profits, but after holidays, to make sure a long-term usage of the rides, the maintenance work must be done well.

Now, Sinorides will tell you how to do the maintenance work.

a. For the plastic part and glass fiber of children amusement rides, use suds, disinfectant detergent powder, bleaching powder, etc. to get soaked, and then use soft cloth or soft brush to scrub, then wash them by clean water, and dry it by cleaning cloth or in the sun. At last, spray 84 disinfectant.

b. For the soft sponge part, use soft cloth to dip in suds to brush, or expose it in the sun to disinfect.

c. For the wooden part which is wet resistant, heat resistant and fadeless, use soak and wash in suds and spray 84 disinfectant.

d. If the metal part needs removing corrosion, brush the surface rust and scrub it clean; after exposing in the sun, spray the paint to protect the ride; when the paint is dry, clean, dry and disinfect it.

e. To clean the circuit device, first cut off the power and forbid pouring; usually use wet cloth to scrub and connect the power after it dries.

f. Outdoor slide and barrel should not have water after rainy days; if have, a pole with a 4mm diameter should be drilled in the lowest place.

g. For indoor activity room, floor, wall, etc., daily disinfection by ultraviolet light and frequent ventilation are needed. Every week, disinfection by hydrogen peroxide is also needed.

h. During disinfection, check the connection to see if it is solid, or needed oil, and some other safety hazards.

After holidays, maintenance as above should be done well to avoid that the damages will affect economic benefit.

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