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Maintenance of Self-control Plane Rides
Author: SinoridesTime: 2016-09-10 15:00:34

                                                     16 seats self-control plane

Self-control plane ride is a very common large amusement ride. The whole design of the self-control plane ride is just like an airplane, and around the center there are some smaller airplanes. Kids can sit on the cabins, with beautiful music and rhythm, experiencing flying airplanes in the sky. This park amusement ride is undoubtedly welcomed by the market. To make sure it can have a longer service life, we need to know some maintenance methods for our self-control planes.

Maintenance of self-control plane:

1. We must always keep the amusement ride clean and tidy, inside or outside. After the appliance and use of a month, we should check carefully the whole machine and all the parts, especially some important fasteners which need to be checked and fasten. We also should remember to have regular or irregular checking and fastening.

2. We should regularly or irregularly check the reducer machine oil (because the surface of machine oil should be above the worm gear tooth). As for gears, bearings, we should regularly or irregularly add lubricating grease depending on the reality. After a period of use, new amusement ride should be checked and adjusted the location of dynamo's belt to make it tighter properly.

3. If the amusement ride is not put into use for a long time, we should start it for at least 4-8 hours every month. This measure is to make the mechanic and electric systems keep a good working state.

4. Electric control cabinet should take rain-proof, moisture-proof, immersion-proof measures.


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