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Matters Needing Attention on New Amusement Rides
Author: SinoridesTime: 2016-11-28 15:23:40

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New amusement rides in the beginning of the operation are inevitable to go through the run-in stage. In the run-in stage, the performance and quality of new amusement rides will usually have certain difference from the normal operation phase. Here, let Sinorides introduce the new amusement' run-in stage, hoping it to be helpful to everyone.

In the run-in stage, the new friction surface of new amusement rides has a certain roughness, and test contact area is very small, therefore, at the beginning of the run-in, wear and tear happens very fast; with the continuous running of wear and tear, the rough surface will get worn to be smooth gradually, the test contact area will gradually increase, the surface will becomes more smooth and flatter, and the wear rate will gradually decrease; when it reaches certain degree of stability, this time is the end of the run-in stage. The amount of wear during this period is called the initial wear.

The run-in stage is that people purposely use the minor wear and tear to create conditions for the normal operation of the stable wear and tear. At this stage, for the rides without running-in, new amusement rides should comply with load shedding, deceleration, reasonable operation and other provisions, add low viscosity lubricants, and keep stable temperature and so on. In addition, in order to shorten the run-in stage, it is possible to increase the utilization rate of the rides by using an appropriate advanced process or the like. After the end of the run-in stage, clean lubrication system, and use the lubricants that meet the quality requirements.

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