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Operation Procedures of Amusement Equipment
Author: SinoridesTime: 2016-11-22 15:52:25

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The operation of amusement equipment needs to follow the necessary procedures. Now we are going to talk about what these procedures are.

1. Before taking up the job, the employee must undergo rigorous job training.

2. The on-the-job personnel should be proficient in the business knowledge and operational skills.

3. Every day before the operation do a good job of security checking.

4. Before business opening, test running should not less than twice; after the confirmation that everything is normal, start business.

5. Make detailed introduction about the playing rules, control methods and related matters to the tourists. Refuse tourists who don't meet the conditions but want to participate in the activities.

6. Guide tourists to the correct seat; it is not allowed over-staffed; do not partial load; fasten the seat belt.

7. Maintain playing order and discourage tourists away from the security fence.

8. Give the first ringing to confirm no dangerous situation before boot.

9. During operation, the operator is prohibited from leaving the post.

10. Pay close attention to the state of tourists, and timely stop the individual visitors' unsafe behaviors.

11. Check the bearer, ancillary equipment and playground to ensure that it is neat and orderly, clean, and has no security risks.

12. The security barrier around the equipment should have a safe distance of 1 meter.

13. Do the operating records in the day.

14. The ambient noise standard should be in accordance with GB 3096 implementation.

15. The amusement park (field) should have rational layout, and the environment is fresh, beautiful, has no high grassland and green abandoned area.

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