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Pirate Ship Ride Structural Principles and the Main Parts
Author: SinoridesTime: 2020-09-17 14:53:38
If your amusement park needs a pirate ship amusement ride, you must understand Pirate Ship Ride Structural Principles and the Main Parts when you buy it, which can help you choose a better pirate ship manufacturer.
Pirate Ship Ride Hull Swing
The lower end of the boom is connected to the hull, and the upper end is connected to the suspension of the beam, and the swing is carried out by the drive system. The driving system is composed of a driving wheel and a belt decelerating device and a cylinder lifting device. When the main motor is rotated, the drive wheel is driven by the belt reduction mechanism, and then the cylinder (double cylinder side) is raised to drive the drive wheel to rub against the main body of the hull so that the boom is swung left and right and gradually increases. When the maximum swing angle is reached, The electric control device causes the friction wheel to stop driving, and when the brake is operated, the hull can be braked.
Pirate Ship Ride Hull Break (Break)
The brake of the hull is completed by the braking system. The brake system consists of a brake hub, a brake wheel, and an air cylinder. The cylinder (single cylinder side) pushes the brake wheel against the main beam, thereby causing the boom to brake.
Pirate Ship Ride Cylinder Lift
The cylinder lift is controlled by a pneumatic system. When the air compressor is started, the gas is supplied to the system through the air supply triple connection (5). When the hull is driven, the electric control valve (4) is energized to control the double cylinder to rise and the electronic control valve (4), Controls the double cylinder down. When the hull brake, the electric control valve (3) power, so that a single cylinder up.
Air compressor working pressure of 0.6MPa, the set pressure of 0.72MPa by its internal pressure switch set.
Pirate Ship Ride Main Structure
The main products are mainly composed of beams (1), boom (2), four-post bracket (3), hull (4), drive mechanism (5), brake mechanism (6), pneumatic system (7), electrical control system, Railings and operating room (8), foundation (9) and other components (device diagram).
Pirate Ship Ride Diagram
Pirate Ship Ride Structural Principles and the Main Parts