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How to Quote for Kids Amusement Rides
Author: SinoridesTime: 2016-09-12 17:10:27

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Whether the price of kids amusement rides is reasonable or not greatly influences the sales volume. The quote of kids amusement rides should not only be priced according to the production cost, but some other factors should also be considered to set a reasonable price.

So, how do we set the price and what factors should we consider when we quote for kids amusement rides?

1. The quote should be determined by the different products. New developed products at the initial stage of coming into the market have a higher price because of the increased investment. So the quote should be calculated on the basis of design cost, material cost, and other expenses. But the old ones can have an apparent price due to the mature technology, high production efficiency, and easily controlled production cost.  

2. The quote should make corresponding alterations according to the sale period. Just like other industries, this one also has off season and busy season. So the quote should adjust to the sale period.

3. The quote should be priced based on the different production costs. Even the same kind of product, quotes can be different because of different requirements on materials and decorations. Take the case of luxury carousel, quotes differ in the decoration of the central column and how many lights are used.

These are some factors we should consider to quote for kids amusement rides. Only a reasonable price can make us more profits.


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