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Requirements on Operators of Major Amusement Rides
Author: SinoridesTime: 2018-12-18 15:26:36

Operators Duties:

 1.Follow the operating personnel code and perform strictly under operating procedure

 2.Keep the passengers informed of safety precautions before operation;


 3.Check and confirm safety devices;

 4 Keep a close eye on the ride and passengers during operation. Take immediate and effective action once any abnormity spotted;

 5.Familiar with emergency rescue procedure. Take emergency measures to protect passengers and immediately report to the on-site safety management personnel in case of malfunction or emergency,

 6.Honestly record the operation of equipment.


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1.   Age above 18 , under 60 for man or 55 for woman

2.   Professional training experiences, theoretical knowledge of safety technology and trial operation skills of large amusement equipment required.

3.   Good health condition is a must.

4.   Have more than 3 months of internship experience in projects applied for.





Knowledge to be mastered

1. Basic knowledge. Mainly includes: operator responsibilities; Definition and terminology of major amusement facilities; Classification, classification, structural characteristics, main parameters and forms of movement of large amusement facilities; Safe voltage ;Platform service order; Large amusement facilities safe operation conditions, passengers need to know


2. Professional knowledge. Mainly includes: safety protection devices and Settings; Safety bars; Seat belts; Safety handle; Locking device; Anti-reverse device; Limit device; Anemometer; Buffer device; Overvoltage protection device; Operating system; Control button color identification; Emergency button; Sound and signals; Operating procedures; Safety inspection; Warning signs; Check before running; Routine inspection items ; Operation record; Identification of common faults and abnormal situations; Typical emergency rescue methods; Common first-aid measures;


3. Knowledge of laws and regulations