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How to Safely Take Trackless Train
Author: SinoridesTime: 2016-09-10 14:56:53

                                                         trackless train

Trackless train can be seen as a one of the representative products of the various kids amusement rides. Trackless train is an intimation of the regular train, and it is similar to the swing machine type of kids amusement rides. When taking trackless train, you also should take note to some issues, and make sure their safety while enjoy the happiness brought by this ride!

a. Observe the outside condition of the trackless train; if the ride has damaged cabins, don't take; and the belts should be complete.

b. Recognize the sign of "safety inspection"; read the "passenger note" before taking any amusement ride.

c. Follow the instruction of administrative stuff, and take on or off the ride orderly.

d. Don't take off the belt and open the door during the operational process.

e. When the trackless starts, be seated and hold the ride well; don't horse around, or stretch hands or head outside the window.

f. Don't get panic if some malfunctions occur; remain the seats and wait for the broadcasting and rescue from the stuff; never privately take self-salvage measures.

When taking trackless train, issues above should never be neglected. Only by a safe riding can make you experience fun of the ride. 

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