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Safety Precautions on Large Park Amusement Rides
Author: SinoridesTime: 2020-08-30 20:52:16
     Apparently, a growing number of large park amusement rides have showed themselves at almost every corner in the cities, and are beloved by so many teenagers and children for a combination of applying advanced technologies, such as machinery, electricity, water, power, etc., which makes children's dull life more wonderful. So far, large amusement rides mainly have several series: carousel, slide car, spiral ride, flying tower, race car, self-control plane, battery car, train, trolley ride, water ride, bumper car, and so on.
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        To operate large park amusement rides, operators and passengers should pay attention to the following matters:
      In the prominent places of park amusement rides, “notes to passengers” or “riding tips” and “warning board” should be set for passengers to read carefully. Before riding, passengers should wait outside the safety fences, and line up orderly. Climbing fences is forbidden.
      Don't rush to get on or off the amusement ride before it stops smoothly, and belt up well when riding. Take a check to see if the ride is safe and reliable. When the ride works, passengers should hold the safety handles or other safety devices firmly, and don't untie the belts.
      Be seated in a proper gesture, don't stretch hands, arms, feet or any other body part out of window, and let alone untying belts or opening safety lever without permission.
      Follow staff's instructions, be seated orderly, sit tight and take hold. Don't ever trespass the quarantine area without authorization. Be careful above the head and below the feet to avoid bumps or falls when getting on or off. After amusement rides arrives and stops, untie the belts and lift the safety lever under the staff's help and guidance.
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