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Safety Precautions on Taking Train Rides
Author: SinoridesTime: 2016-09-12 17:31:37

Amusement rides industry, undoubtedly, is the hottest one in today's domestic market. Children amusement rides are needed widely, and almost every city in one region needs a large number of these rides. Nowadays, types of amusement rides are much more and become various, and one of them is kids train. In the park, mall, playground, kids train can be seen frequently, and has become a part for children's merry childhood. So, what precautions should be noticed when kids are playing amusement rides? Then, Sinorides will introduce some safety precautions on taking track train rides.

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a. Check the appearance condition of the train; don't take unrepaired cabin, and all the belts should be complete for use.

b. Recognize the sign of “qualified security inspection”.

c. In the cabins of track train and self-control plane, sit tight and take hold, and don't stretch head, hands out of the window.

d. Follow amusement park staff's instructions, and get on or off the train in order.

e. During riding, untying the belts and opening the door is forbidden.

f. If some malfunctions happen to the ride, don't get panic, wait at the seats, and pay attention to the radio. Don't take self-salvage measures arbitrarily before the staff come to rescue.

g. For amusement rides such as swing chair and swing basket, standing on them or crouching on the seat is forbidden.

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