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Safety Problem of Kids Amusement Park
Author: SinoridesTime: 2016-09-12 17:29:40

Amusement parks should attach great importance to the safety problem about children amusement rides. First of all, the activity field and the environment should be safe and comfortable, such as roads, grounds, water, mountains, plants, and etc. should be absolutely safe. Second, amusement rides in the activity field should be accordance with kids' age characteristics; if they would like to try some dangerous activities, parents must accompany them. Then all the equipment in the activity field should be those that meet the related safety standard. Adults are a great factor to determine whether kids can play happily in the activity field or not, and what they consider most is the safety of game field and game machines. Therefore, safety problem should be valued greatly in designing.

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With the development of people's living standard, people's attention to outdoor amusement is on the increase, hence, the safety of kids amusement park should be paid a wild attention. Besides, from the view of kids, to create a natural, easy-going and secure outdoor activity field can make kids find happiness, extend their horizons, and increase their knowledge.

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