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Safety Rules of Taking Amusement Rides
Author: SinoridesTime: 2016-11-21 16:29:30

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Now there are a lot of amusement rides, then what safety rules do you need to obey?

1. Pay attention to safety inspection mark: according to the national regulation, the regular inspection period of amusement rides is one year. After passing the safe inspection, the safety inspection mark issued by the quality and technical supervision department will be pasted on the conspicuous place of the rides to warn visitors not take the rides that are not inspected, or unqualified or overdue the date of inspection.

2. Pay attention to the passenger notice: on the obvious place there will be "passenger guide" for passengers to read carefully then to take the ride. Do not cross the fence. Before boarding passengers must wait outside the safe fence, and line up for the turn.

3. Children should be accompanied by parents: children are not allowed to take rides alone.

4. Follow the instructions of the service personnel: get up and down the rides according to the staff's instructions. When getting on and off, please pay attention to the head and feet in case of bumping or falling down.

5. Fasten safety belt well: don't rush to get on or off before the rides stop smoothly; take the rides with a safe belt and check whether it is safe and reliable. During operation hold the safe handle or other security devices, and the safety belt absolutely cannot be untied.

6. Do not stretch out the body parts: passengers should be seated in the chairs positively, and do not move. Never move the limbs, head, and other parts out of the cabin to avoid bumps, scraping, scraping Injury, and abrasions. Do not intentionally shake the cabin; it is strictly prohibited opening the door.

7. Do not stand to take photos: during operation, do not stand or squat, or take photos.

8. Take care of your own items: when the rides are running, properly keep your own items; do not to scatter, throw them outside; for things easy to fall, please take off afterwards.

9. Do not panic when the accident occurs: if the rides appear malfunctions like power failure during running, before the staff give order, do not get off, because sitting in the cabin is safest; wait for urgent rescue.

10. Be careful when racing cars: do not wear a jacket, a long scarf, long hair or long braids in case of risk.

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