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Security Precautions of Amusement Park Rides
Author: SinoridesTime: 2016-11-21 16:26:27

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Now there are a lot of amusement park rides, and in playing them we need to do a good job on security precautions. Then, what security precautions should we notice?

When the amusement park rides are in operation, in case that the power supply is suddenly cut or the rides fail, which endangers the safety of people, the rides must be equipped with automatic or manual emergency stop devices. There should be measures to evacuate people if the rides have malfunctions during operation.

When the rides are running, the passengers are likely to be moved, bumped, thrown out, slid out, so there must be equipped with binding device. For the amusement with great risk, if necessary, it should consider setting up two sets of independent restraint devices. The devices can use seat belts, safety pressure bar, retaining bar and so on.

Binding device should be reliable and comfortable, and the parts people can touch should have appropriate flexibility. The restraint device should be designed to prevent people from being caught or crushed, and it should be easy to adjust and easy to operate. Seat belts can be used separately for amusement rides with slight swing or slow movements, or without rotation movement or danger of being throwing out. The use of seat belts should generally be equipped with auxiliary handle. Seat belts also can be used as an auxiliary restraint for violent sports. When the rides are working, equipment, they may lead to people's being thrown out of the rides, so it must be set the appropriate type of safety bar; safety bar itself must have sufficient strength and locking force to ensure that visitors are not thrown or dropped, and remain locked until the ride is stopped.

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