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The Standards for Amusement Equipment's Metal Structure
Author: SinoridesTime: 2016-12-15 16:09:52

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It is a common sense that a lot of amusement equipments have mental structure to make them solider and more reliable. Amusement equipment is used for business purpose, and it is an amusement equipment for passengers to take and play. If amusement equipment manufacturers want to seize the mainstream market, they should attach importance to the equipment's quality and freshness, and passengers' playing experience. In the production of these amusement equipments, materials' selection is very important, especially the mechanical amusement equipment, and their metal structure has relatively high requirements so as to ensure the amusement equipment to maintain stability and security.

The requirements for the metal structure of amusement equipment:

1. The metal structure's coating must achieve the standard of corrosion resistance.

2. The corrosion of metal structures should be less than 15% of the depth of the original steel's thickness.

3. The wear of the steel rail should be less than 20% of the original thickness, and the wear of the pipe should be less than 15% of the original thickness.

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