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Seven Types of Amusement Rides (According to Operating Principle)
Author: SinoridesTime: 2016-09-12 17:17:57

      Amusement rides in China has been in a rapid development period, especially during recent years, its products have been developed from the original carousels to today's various types, and derives thousands of amusement equipment from ground to air, from indoor to outdoor, and from single to comprehensive. And a significant promotion is shown in its designing ability and producing ability. 

     In order to remember them easily, every amusement ride is named by some common typical amusement equipment, for example, “carousel rides” is the basic form of “carousel”, and other amusement rides which have a similar structure with “carousel” and motion form can also be categorized into the “carousel rides”. According to this taxonomy of categorizing amusement rides with a similar structure and motion form, nowadays these amusement rides can be classified into 7 types, namely, carousel rides, slide cars, race cars, ferris wheel, self-control planes, spiral rides, and flying tower rides.

                                                                  flying chair

1. Carousel rides:

Characteristics of structural motion: seats are installed at rotary disk or brackets, rotating around the vertical axis or tilt axis, or rotating around the vertical axis with swinging in a small range.

Amusement rides: luxury carousel, caterpillar train rides, big apple rides, and etc.

2. Slide cars:

Characteristics of structural motion: without its own driving power, the car relies on its inertia to move along the tracks; or with power, the car moves on tracks that

have huge fluctuations.

Such as: roller coaster, caterpillar slide rides, dragon coaster, flume rides, meniscus floating car, mine car, and etc.

3. Race cars:

Characteristics of structural motion: the car move along the specified tracks on the ground.

Such as: mini shuttle, motor raid kids rides, high-speed race cars.

4. Ferris wheel:

Characteristics of structural motion: the man conveying part rotates or swings around the horizontal axis.

Such as: ferris wheel, big wheel, space shuttle, pirate ship, flying carpets, bola rides, kid amusement rides.

5. Self-control planes:

Characteristics of structural motion: the man conveying part rotates around the horizontal axis with an up-down movement, and this part at most times is settled at

the revolving arm.

Such as: self-control planes, self-control UFO, goldfish swimming rides, octopus rides, air-sea-land rides, wave swing.

Also amusement machines that have up-down movements and swing in multi-dimensions, such as time machines, dynamic movie platform.

6. Spiral rides:

Characteristics of structural motion: seats revolve around the variable incidence axis, and the main axis is mostly set at the big adjustable arm.

7.  Flying tower rides:

Characteristics of structural motion: it has hanging pod rotating while rising and falling, and the hang pod is held by a flexible member.

Such as: flying tower, air revolving chair, little smart rides, ferris tower, gliding wings, jumping frog rides, flying shuttle, and so on.


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