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Unsolved Problems in Children Amusement Rides Industry
Author: SinoridesTime: 2016-09-12 17:14:18

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Children amusement rides industry is one of the hottest industries now, but there still remain some unsolved problems in its development.

1. Installment and connection don't meet the standard: the hardness of top hanging lock shaft is not enough; perpendicularity between the central axis and the water level is not qualified; the welding is not qualified, and so on.

2. Qualification materials are deficient: operators of children amusement rides don't acquire qualification certificates; there are no rules and regulations, safety training, lifeguard, emergency plan, maintenance record, etc.

3. Safety protection is not complete: the setup of exit and entrance is not reasonable; fence and platform are not qualified; safety lever doesn't work; locking device loses effect; no belts are on the seats, and so on.

4. Electric control device is not reasonable: ground resistance is larger, while insulation resistance is smaller; there is no grounding protection; electric brush loses effect; there is no fire distinguisher in the control room, and so on.

5. Power device and mechanical transmission have no maintenance and inspection: lifting belt and steel rope have serious abrasion; metal structure has serious corrosion; reducer lacks lubrication; knuckle mechanic is not flexible, and so on.

6. Passenger part and its operation are not qualified: surface of seats cracks; seats get loose and don't have enough safety distance and so on.

7. Other: there is no isolation sign in the abyssal zone and shoal zone at the water park; 2 abreast slides have no obvious distinction.

These problems have bad influence on the future development of children amusement rides, so they should be valued and tackled carefully.  

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