A Miracle Created by Sinorides: 4 Groups of Clients Visited and Signed Contract in ONE Day!


On the day of October 20th, 2016, a very special day for all the employees in Sinorides, 4 groups of clients came and visited our company. These clients are from different countries but chose to visit and inspect our company in the same day, which has created a precedent of receiving so many clients in one day. What a coincidence! It’s also a miracle for Sinorides!

In order to welcome these clients, we already sorted out all the materials like equipment instructions, parameter introductions, and made a series of reception plans for the clients. Time arrangement of visiting our factory was scheduled reasonably in advance, and meanwhile specialized staffs were arranged to escort different clients and make explanations and introductions to them.


Pitifully heaven was not cooperative. The day drizzled but did no harm to our zeal at all! With the successive comings of these clients, an impressive reception work was carried out orderly and systematically.

The first group of clients comes from Nigeria. Once arriving at our company, what they said was that: “Thanks for your warm welcome, and your factory looks really great!” Afterwards, they visited our each workshop. We made a detailed introduction to the production procedures of our amusement equipment and showed them the materials, which are elaborately selected and offered by domestic prominent brands and have a guaranteed high quality.


Then we led them to each department’s office. We showed them our newest designed 3D model of amusement equipment. From design concept to operation principle, we illustrated at length and demonstrated our undoubtable power in terms of product design and manufacture capacities. When the clients asked if we could help them with planning scheme, and if the product’s appearance can be customized, our answer was always “of course!”, and put forward our previous successful cases about foreign amusement park layout plan and design, they just could not help praising us: “Well, good, very good!” We all felt so satisfied, because we were truly proud of our unique style and innovative spirit not just our qualified products!


When the night fell, our clients went away gradually, so we basically finished our one day’s reception. However, our new task just begins: organize costumer files, calculate out products customers desire: self-control plane, carousel, track train, rotating flying chair…… Everyone doesn’t feel exhausted but heartfelt happiness. It is such an excellent team who harbors resolute confidence and supports Sinorides to move ahead at the new era, and never stops……

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