A Summary of the Daily Maintenance and Management Solutions on Amusement Rides


More and more large amusement parks are springing up in the cites, and has become a good place for citizens to enjoy thrill and relax themselves. But with the growth of the flow of people, every amusement park should perform well in the daily inspection and maintenance on these amusement rides, and management solutions should also advance with the times. To eradicate potential safety hazards from the source, and create a secure, healthy, and normal entertainment environment, it needs administrative staff to firmly comply with the established solutions, and conducting skills and safety consciousness training to operators.


The daily maintenance and management can be concluded in about 6 aspects:

First, conducting training education:

Some training and educating activities concerned about the safety of amusement equipment should be conducted frequently, and administrative staff’s awareness of safety should be cultivated.

Second, establishing safety management system:

The usual safety management system about amusement rides is safety management code, all day on duty code, regular inspection code, security operating procedures on amusement ride, accident classification reporting code, and so on.

Third, users of amusement rides should pay attention to the safety management on the rides, and give it priority.

Forth, establishing complete and effective safety management agencies:

Safety responsibilities of each rank and station should be clear.

Fifth, establishing safety inspection file:

Everyday or each inspection should be documented, and this inspection journal should be good for the later checking.

Sixth, checking regularly:

Regular checking is a must no matter the amusement park is big or small. Staff should be organized to check the equipment by year, quarter, month, or before holidays and busy seasons.


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