A Summary on the Problems of Amusement Equipments




In recent years, amusement equipments are in the development of continuous increase and innovation.

However, as one kind of mechanical equipment, problems happen a lot in the daily operation.

Here Sinorides sums up the problems the equipments may appear.

Installation and connection failure: the top hanging shaft axis’ hardness is not enough,

the central axis’ verticalness is unqualified to the horizontal,

the welding fails, the motor bearing is loose, bolts is loose, the iron plate part cracks and so on.

Lack of qualification information: the operator of the equipment is not qualified;

there is no rules and regulations, safety training,

lifeguard duties, contingency plans, maintenance records and so on.

Uncomplete Security: the setting of amusement equipment’s entry and exit is unreasonable,

and the design of the barrier and substation fails.

The safety bars and locking device fail, the hanging shaft has no second insurance,

the anti-reverse pawl axis has serious wear and tear, the chair has no seat belt and so on.

Unreasonable electric control system: the grounding resistance is too large, the insulation resistance is small,

there is no ground protection, the wiring terminal has corrosion, the brush fails, and there is no fire extinguisher control room and so on.

Power system and mechanical transmission without maintenance inspection: the enhancing belt and the wire rope have serious wear and tear,

the metal structures have serious corrosion, the bearing outer ring is used as walking wheel, the driving system’s chain is off,

the reducer lacks oil, pressure of hydraulic oil is not enough, the steering mechanism is not flexible, the steering wheel damages and so on.

Unqualified passenger device and operation:  the seat surface cracks, the seat safety distance is not enough,

the electrode plate thickness is not enough or not flat and so on.

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