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As we have mentioned before, amusement park has business peak times. We have discussed what the business peak times are, then we are going to talk about another topic, namely how the amusement park makes adjustment to meet the demand during the off season. Sinorides here offers 3 stages for the adjustment for the amusement park.

Stage 1:

  1. The adjustment of siteamusement rides, including the machine partition, stand-alone location;
  2. The safety investigation and maintenance for hidden dangers;
  3. The adjustment of the site’s incomplete tags and other advertising logo and the replacement of expired advertising;
  4. According to the relevant revenues and rides data, estimate the operation situation and decide the increase or decrease of amusement rides and propose solutions;
  5. If the objective environment and factors have certain effect, through a common analysis of the reasons strengthen employees’ attitudes and improve their service awareness;
  6. Make trainings to the staff, and promote some outstanding employees to other positions to make training practice, and do regular follow-up assessment work;

Stage 2:

  1. Follow-up and consolidate the original cooperated businessmen, negotiate new cooperation modes, such as bundling sales;
  2. Hold theme activities with the cooperated businessmen;
  3. The adjustment on how to attract people to come in and keep them in the park;
  4. Train the staff’s service etiquette;

Stage 3:

  1. Explore the repeated consumption of members, use a novel way to eliminate the consumption exhaustion after the peak times, thereby stimulating the park’s recreational atmosphere;
  2. It is suggested introducing new elements and programs with strong appreciation. Do long-term cooperation programs and regular performances. It is best that gifts or fees are offered by other businessmen;
  3. Cooperation with other agencies.

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