The Aging Process of Children Amusement Rides

   Time: 2016-09-10 15:03:20


Now Sinorides is going to talk about a new topic, that is the aging process of children amusement rides.

Every machine has to go through the aging process, so do children amusement rides. Sinorides roughly divides this aging process into 3 periods as follows:

  1. Prerun-in period. As a new amusement ride, its surface has certain roughness, and a small contact area, so when this run-in period begins, abrasion happens so quickly. As the abrasion develops, bulges on the coarse surface are getting smooth, and the practical contact area is growing. So the surface is getting smooth and the abrasion is reduced gradually to a stable degree and the period is over.

In this period, operators should be aware of creating conditions for the normal stable abrasion by taking advantage of slight abrasion. And as for some machines that don’t go through abrasion, they should be added lubrication with lower viscosity and kept in consistent temperature by obeying reducing loads and speed, reasonable operation. In addition, to shorten this period, operators can apply some appropriate technology to improve the usage of equipment. After abrasion finishes, operators need to clean the lubric system by using qualified lubrication oil.

  1. Stable run-in period. This is the normal activity duration. After abrasion, the surface has been roughed, the appearance has been slightly changed, and abrasion is going to be stable! In the later time of this period, equipment can still work consistently although the metal is fatigue and abrasion relatively accelerates. When the fatigue of metal comes to its limit, equipment will need compulsive repairing to avoid major machinery accident.
  2. Fierce abrasion period. Abrasive speed has accelerated, mechanical efficiency has been reduced, and accuracy has lost in this period. Some abnormal noises and vibrations happen a lot, and some parts are damaged, so the equipment needs repairing.

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