Amusement Equipment Management Rules

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  1. Grasp the market trends and be clear product direction.

Based on the study of market demand, through a wide range of investigation and statistical analysis of the consumption of amusement equipment in a certain region, the conclusion is drawn about indoor amusement equipment favored by the majority of tourists on the market. This is the first step in creating innovative projects that provide the most powerful direction for innovation.

  1. Innovate combination ways to create new products.

In the amusement equipment industry, the combination of innovation is a lower cost, and easier to implement. This includes both the internal mix of different rides, as well as a combination of water and ground rides, in order to create new recreational experiences, but this combination is not only novel, peculiar, comfortable, but functional , and properly.

  1. Change the overall environment, and create a new atmosphere.

Ambient atmosphere has a significant impact on the attractiveness of leisure and entertainment projects. The atmosphere in general includes two aspects:

First, the environment is relatively old. For some of the longer use of indoor rides, the environment tends to look aging, obsolete, and the overall atmosphere is bleak. A lot of playgrounds with a long history often have such problems which can be updated by the environment to achieve innovation. Such as the ground, walls, glass, can be changed the replacement of the ground tiles, wall painting, and recreation seats re-arrangement. The overall environment, by creating a new recreational atmosphere, can achieve the overall update of the amusement park.

Second, the environment is relatively monotonous. Many leisure and entertainment venues do not pay attention to the overall environment and appears to be relatively monotonous. They can combine the characteristics of the ride itself, creating a unique atmosphere and making people feel joyful.

  1. Strengthen the participation of tourists.

Participation and experience are the core characteristics of amusement equipment. In the aspect of innovation, for some projects with weak participation of tourists, we can enhance the attractiveness of leisure and entertainment projects by strengthening the participation of tourists and constantly innovating the way of experience.

  1. Update the hardware facilities, leading the trend of the project.

For some of the shorter life-cycle stimulus-oriented projects, the elimination of its hardware facilities is relatively fast, which requires constant updating of equipment. The equipment update not just replaces the old with new ones, but also follows the trend, and introduces new entertainment facilities. This is an innovative idea. However, upgrading hardware facilities needs more investment, so such innovation must be based on the scientific analysis and prediction about the profitability of new equipment.

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