On the Design of Amusement Equipment

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The design of amusement equipment is in continuous innovation. For the sake of safety, what matters should be taken care in the process of design?

First is the selection of materials. Amusement equipment should use durable, hygienic and materials easy to maintain, and toxic substances and unprocessed metal (rust or used wire) cannot be used. The metal must be painted, galvanized, or protected against corrosion. Wood is a good substitute for the metal, but must be the same kind of wood without cracks and go through the prevention of cracking and irregular fracture treatment (not just the surface) in any case. If synthetic materials are chosen, they must be durable and crack-resistant. Surface polish, especially the rough material, is also one of the basic steps to reduce the risk of injury.

Second is the handrails and railing design. Handrails and railings are the most common security devices for amusement equipment. They not only prevent falls, but also play a role of support and stability for people to hold while walking. It should be in accordance with the relevant provisions and its size should be designed to be easily grasped. The height and diameter of the side protection facilities are determined by the location. Whether on ladder, slope, sidewalks or raised platforms, they should comply with the relevant local regulations.

Third is the function of the border. Whether to set the border depends on the age of the user and the height children can climb. With a guardrail, the border prevents children from falling from the raised platform and from climbing too high. Therefore, the border should be designed to prevent climbing, standing or sitting on itself. And it should enclose the raised surface, leaving only one exit for getting in and out the platform. The exit should be smaller than the child’s body to prevent them from slipping or stuck in the cracks. The height of the border from the platform, ladder or slope surface shall be at least 70 cm.

Fourth is the design of support. Many amusement equipments have a support function for the hands and feet to provide support for grasping, maintaining balance and climbing. The size and location of the effective handle should be suitable for children to grip, and the handle should be fixed firmly on the body structure in case of falling out and rotating.

Finally os the installation of seams, screws, and rims. These facilities include the exterior edge of the equipment and the parts system of the installation equipment. For safety reasons, sharp edges, sharp shapes and dangerous horns should be avoided. To ensure that the surface of the welded part is smooth, the parts anchoring or supporting the structure should be sturdy and stable. Nails should be flush with the main structure and screws should be covered with plastic cap, and the protrusion of the site cannot exceed 8 mm.

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