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Tips for Riding a Luxury Carousel
Author: SinoridesTime: 2018-12-04 15:13:58
Luxury carousel is a vertical axis type of ride, which is single-body and undulating while running.As its name implies, luxury carousel appears more luxurious,with colorful cone ceiling and FRP decoration board enriched in color around it.
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Here is the 3 tips for riding a luxury carousel.
1. Once the operator presses start button on control panel, riders are prohibited to reach hands, arms, feet or other body part to touch the rotating pillar, for the safety concerns.
2. Do not take belongings to the horse.Glasses, cameras, bags, keys or mobile phones can easily fall off while riding. Before riding a carousel, please put away belongings.
3. Follow workers’ instruction. Queue up and sit well. Especially, listen carefully and do exactly as the worker has instructed in case of emergency.

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