Category and History of Carousel

Carousel is one of the commonest kids amusement rides, but few of us have a good knowledge about it. Today Sinorides will talk about the category and history of carousel.

Parameter and category:

The main body is made of steel, and the horses are made of glass steel, which has features of environmental protection, safety, good corrosion resistance, good stability, and so on. It can be customized according the condition of site.

Carousel’s specification has 8/12/16/24/36 seats. According to the degree of decoration, carousel can be classified into simple carousel, moderate luxury carousel and luxury carousel; according to the transmission way, they can be classified into under-transmission carousel and upper-transmission carousel.

The history of carousel:

The earliest recorded carousel appeared in the time of Byzantine Empire. The first carousel driven by steam came out in Europe in 1860.

In the Europe of later 19 century, owners of small shops would place wooden horse rocking chairs at the door of their shops. Then some smart guys supported these wooden horse chairs by wooden frames to form circles for them to rotate. Of course, these wooden circles couldn’t rotate themselves, so what drove these mills sometimes were real small horses, sometimes even human beings. Later James Watt invented steam engine, and then the world stepped into the age of steam. Carousel was also updated to use steam engine as new driving force. With the exploitation of colonies in North America continent, European migrants were flooding into this land and European culture were also brought. As a result, carousel themed amusement parks were developed rapidly.

Nowadays everyone can see various carousels at small or large amusement parks, shopping malls, theme parks for fee, free parks, and so on. It is also named as “merry go around”, and has been part of people’s daily entertainment life.

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