How to Check Children Amusement Rides?


 As people’s living standard improves, an increasing number of people are starting the business of running amusement park, and these multiply amusement equipment attract children a lot. More importantly, the installation of safety devices is an essential part of ensuring the normal operation of children amusement equipment and keeping tourists safe, also a significant one in operators’ daily operation and checking. So it must strictly conform to the rules of safe operation and daily safety censorship system during the installation process.

      As to the movement types of children amusement rides, there are rotation, moving along the track or ground, and so on. Sinorides here summarizes some check points, such as the base, machine body, passenger part, power system, transmission system, electrical system, and protection for your reference.

      The base, machine body, passenger part are the main body to support load in amusement rides. For the sake of passengers’ safety, it must be ensured that passengers cannot separate from the passenger part (seats or cabins); passenger part cannot separated from the machine body; parts of the machine cannot separate from each other; the machine body and the base, the base and the ground both cannot separate. To ensure the safety of the main supporting body, items should be checked regularly as follows.

To ensure tourist not to separate the passenger part:

  1. No damages happen to seats’ framework, and no cracking or corrosion on the cabin;
  2. No damages happen to the fence which prevents passengers from craning their heads out of window;
  3. Locking devices on the door of the cabin or exits and entrances are flexible and reliable, having no damages.
  4. Knobs, safety belts, or safety pressure bar are fixed, reliable, having no cracking or damages.

To ensure the passenger part not to separate the machine body:

  1. Flaws, such as wire break and abrasion of the hanging steel wire rope on the passenger part, cannot pass the code requirements;
  2. Abrasion of the main wheel, side wheel, and bottom wheel should meet the code requirements, and the locking device should be reliable;
  3. Welding parts have no cracking or snapping;
  4. The driving wheel and supporting wheel have no obvious excursion to the surface rail, and the gap between the side wheel (or wheel rim) and the track should be adjusted appropriately.
  5. Connection between the passenger part and the machine body must be solid and reliable.

To ensure parts not to separate from each other:

  1. Hanging and pulling in the passenger part, or quadric protection device of vehicle connector should be safe and reliable;
  2. Stress concentrated part has no obvious deformation;
  3. Locking device should be reliable if adopting bolts to connect parts of the machine body; measures preventing dropout should be reliable if pins.
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