How to Judge the Popularity of Amusement Equipment

How to Judge the Popularity of Amusement Equipment


Today’s family usually only has one child, so to meet the child’s various requests has become the task of many adults. Amusement park is one of children’s favorite places, and there are many amusement equipments. How to choose them is often based on the views of the children as a reference, but parents have their own criteria for judging the choice, such as equipment’s safety, suitability for their own children, something children can learn… It can be seen that popular amusement equipment needs not only to “please” children, but also needs to “please” parents.

So what kind of amusement equipment can let both children and parents accept it?

  1. Safety is guaranteed:

Safety is the most important thing. Unsafe amusement equipment, even though other aspects are better, is not accepted by parents. In order to protect the safety of children, first, equipment must be safe and environmentally friendly, and cannot harm children’s body; it is followed by the design, which cannot have sharp edges, but can use curved design as much as possible to eliminate all possible harm to children’s safety design.

  1. Playability is strong:

Good amusement equipment allows children to play many times, and will not get bored. Children are always full of curiosity, and they often create their own fresh playing methods, but “grass is always greener”.  A good amusement equipment, in order to continue to attract children, must give children a different entertainment experience, which requires its strong playability, and a number of novel points to attract children.

  1. Stimulating the senses:

Good amusement equipment can provide appropriate sensory stimulation, such as: special sound, different touch, bright color, and some beloved shape, which can be used to stimulate children’s vision, hearing, smell, touch and so on. Children can play through the equipment to learn some basic concepts: size, weight, color, etc., and also develop aesthetic to some extent.

  1. Targeted:

Children of different ages like things that are not the same. Do not be delusional that some amusement equipment can be fit for all children to play. Young children like to carousel, bigger ones like sandy, water things, and then a bit elder ones like flying chairs or challenging and experiencing equipment. Another point, the difficulty of equipment design must be moderate, for if too difficult, it will make children feel frustrated, but if too simple, they may feel bored.

  1. Well-made:

Beautiful, innovative appearance attracts children’s eyes, and high-quality production makes children worry-free. Good materials, technology, coupled with attractive design makes the equipment more competitive.

  1. Strong interactive:

Now children are mostly single child, so they like playing with same aged children or their parents. Playing with their friends with same age, they can cultivate and enhance interpersonal skills; playing with their parents can promote the parent-relationship.

  1. Entertaining:

Let children expand their thinking and learn knowledge, skills and so on during playing. We often emphasize that our customers are not only children, and parents are also very important. At present, parents have spared no effort to the development of their children, so equipment selection is also very important whether it is of edutainment.

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