Installation Skills for Carousel

32 Seats Luxury Carousel


Carousel is a common amusement equipment and has many types. Today Sinorides talks about the installation skills about it.

First: installation of center base and rail.

This is the most important step. Before installation, you need to have a certain understanding of the venue and then get ready to start installation. For users of larger site limitations, you must find the center point so as to install in a limited space.

Finding the center is very simple. You need to prepare a tape and a few meters’ rope in advance. Firstly ensure the size of the overall diameter of the carousel you are going to install, and then measure the rope with a tape to make the sign of radius. For example: a set of 12 seats carousel, the overall diameter is 5 meters, measuring a length of 2.5 meters rope and marking it. Then one person stands near the center point of the assumed site, fixes one end of the rope, and the other picks up the other end to pull a circle. When it exceeds the range of the site, and then find another hypothetical center point 26y. This center point is valid when the field is out of range, and the center base is placed in this position after marking. This simple measure of the diameter is very effective.

After finishing these, the next is to fix rail rod and install rail. At this point, the base and track part of the installation is complete.

Second: installation of disk.

In the installation of the disk, there is also a skill: at first do not do all the installation. First, according to the label, install a rectangular belt with the tires of the disk, with a screw fixed to the disk to rotate. Observe the tire’s running on the track to see whether the track is not correct, and then install the motor drive belt or chain. At this time it can be switched on the power to try the operation in case of failure. Do not need to dismantle fan-shaped disk, saving time to improve installation efficiency.

Third: the installation of the column, top roof, cornices, and lighting decoration.

It should be noted that, if it is a luxury horse and the below roof has the endurance board or photo decoration, it should be fixed to each below roof frame before installation, because it will be very difficult to install the decoration after all the frames are finished. The top part of the electrical equipment has only lights, so the various light lines can be connected in series together and then connected to the corresponding voltage of the conductive ring or transformer. In addition, after installation, be sure to carefully check the line connection to avoid short-circuit caused by equipment failure.

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