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Maintenance of Carousel
Author: SinoridesTime: 2018-12-04 14:42:43
There is a variety of carousels, generally classified into 12-seat carousel, 16-seat carousel, 24-seat carousel and 36-seat carousel. But all carousels employ same maintenance technique, which play prominent role on reducing break-downs, so as to make returns quickly and achieve the goal of profits.
Basically, the maintenance includes the following parts:
1.Grease the rolling bearing and gear pair monthly with butter, and grease the rolling bearing with lubrication once a day.
2.Do cleanings regularly on the whole rides and playground. Wipe dirt off the FRP(Fiber Reinforce Plastic) surface with soft cotton and cleanser, and then wax it.
maintenance of carousels
3.Maintain the whole set once half-a-year. Pay a special attention to cleaning of transmission parts, refueling and replacement of vulnerable components. Check the wear condition on critical parts of cracks, abnormal welds. Deal with it any problem discovered.
4.As a routine work, examine every fastener and welding seam whether it is loose or not; start the ride and listen carefully to the running sound, to find out any abnormal sound. Stop it and fix it abruptly. 
Only covered by appropriate maintenance, carousels are able to run smoothly and generate better profits.    

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