Q&A for New Comers of Amusement Rides Industry

Q & A for New Comers of Amusement Rides Industry


The amusement rides industry’s hot investment has attracted the eyes of many entrepreneurs, so more and more people begin to join the queue. For the customers of initial investment in amusement rides, they also need to know a lot of knowledge. Here Sinorides gives you simple answers to questions about the initial investment in amusement rides, so you can have a clearer understanding of this industry.

  1. What are the differences between indoor and outdoor amusement rides?

If you are going to invest indoor amusement rides, generally you should make park plan and design according to the site size, and the rides you will need include indoor carousel, flying chair and so on.

As the outdoor amusement rides, there are 2 ways: one is inflatable castle or children bungee jumping and other low invested projects; the other is large invested mechanic projects, such as luxury carouselpirate ship, which involve site size, customer group, passenger traffic and so on.

  1. Do indoor and outdoor amusement rides require the same investment funds?

Indoor and outdoor amusement rides needs different investment funds. Indoor amusement rides are usually small ones, whose investment is relatively low; outdoor are mostly major rides in need of high investment. So you need to make specific investigation to decide your investment.

  1. How about the market prospective of amusement rides?

Now the most popular is the indoor children’s playground, because outdoor amusement rides are vulnerable to the weather. With many types of puzzles in children’s playground, indoor amusement rides are of great welcome to kids. You can also survey to places like shopping malls or downtown, and consult an experienced customer.

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