New Trend of Amusement Equipment Industry: The transformation of Recreational Amusement and Interactive Entertainment

Bumper Car (Battery)


With the development of society, at present, amusement equipment can be seen everywhere,

whether it is at parks, shopping malls,

supermarkets, or our familiar holiday entertainment locations. Some experts,

according to the past three years’ market research,

find that this industry has been very popular,

and amusement equipment has been rising in the current entertainment and leisure service projects.

Although recent days a lot of traditional machinery industry manufacturers have amusement equipment industry transition.

However, face up with the popular market conditions,

the industry is still in the ascendant.

Many people begin to pay attention to this industry,

and many entrepreneurs even want to join this gold industry!

Therefore, until now, the amusement equipment has become a hot popular project,

and whether from the perspective of leisure and amusement,

or from the perspective of puzzle entertainment, it is a good choice.

First, fresh appearance:


How to increase the portability and the competitiveness of the equipment?

Sinorides under the conditions of current technology has designed a series of amusement equipment.

With dynamic and pleasant music,

these equipments are even more attractive.

And the new design of lighting makes the amusement equipment more adjust to the night business,

so that investors can have more business environment.

Second, add seasonal elements based on seasonal features:

From recreation to interactive entertainment, it is a direction for the development of amusement equipment,

that is amusement equipment already has seasonal feature.

From this point, Sinorides in the summer business market introduces bumper car and self-control plane,

small octopus-themed equipment.

For the winter business market,

we introduce luxury carousel, mini shuttleocean tower rideocean rotating ride,

battery carbumper car and other amusement equipment,

greatly improving the our competitiveness.

Third, high safety performance:

Safety is always the focus.

Each amusement equipment from Sinorides will undergo a rigorous factory test,

from the operational plan to equipment maintenance,

from the failure repairs to the accessories support, to insurance responsibility.

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