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Take care of large amusement rides
Author: SinoridesTime: 2017-03-21 11:14:06

Thrill Rides

1. Take a large amusement rides, please look for the AQSIQ printed "safety inspection qualified" signs. Please enjoy the recreational facilities of the "safety check" sign.
2. When you decide to play a recreational facility, please read the "Passenger Information" or "Getting Around" and the relevant "warning signs". "Take notes" will tell you some very important precautions when riding, and point out who should not ride. Children under 14 years of age should not take the roller coaster, pirate ship, space shuttle, brave turntable and other exciting facilities.
3. Equipment running, do not hand, arms, feet and other parts of the body beyond the car, not to unlock the seat belt, open the security bar.
4. When using the rotating and tumbling amusement equipment, be sure to keep the glasses, the camera, the bag, the key, the mobile phone, and so on, and do not take the body into the recreational facilities.
5. To listen to the staff command, in order from top to bottom, sit tightly, do not unauthorized access to the isolation area.
6. In the event of an accident in the operation, do not panic, tamper, should be waiting for the staff in the original position of the rescue, do not arbitrarily unlock the seat belt, open the security bar.
7. After the station is parked, please take the seat belt and lift the safety bar under the command, guidance or help of the staff.