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The most attractive children rides three points
Author: SinoridesTime: 2017-06-09 10:35:23
  In many parks, shopping malls, amusement parks and other recreational places can see a variety of children's play equipment, attracting many tourists to play, for the operators to attract more tourists, especially children to play Is important, and every child is full of curiosity about the new things, and a set of beautiful shape, functional diversity, interactive experience in one of the equipment is the most attractive children, so be sure to adhering to these three points to choose equipment.
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  1. modeling beautiful people are longing for all the good things, beautiful children rides to bring people the visual impact, will undoubtedly attract more tourists eyes, even if not ride, stop to watch can bring more Popularity, and then mobilize the atmosphere to attract more people to play.
  2. Function diversification Children's play equipment features a variety of more attractive to tourists, equipment, the way the operation is generally divided into rotation, lift, swing, which can bring the sensory stimulation and physical and mental pleasure, some equipment is a single way of running, Such as swinging pirate ships, and some equipment with two or more of the two modes of operation, such as both rotation and lift the horse, self-control aircraft, and more ways to run the device more attractive interest in the play.
  3. Interactive experience With the development of science and technology, children rides has also joined more sound and light elements, and visitors can interact with the equipment to attract the attention of children, for example, can control their own height control of the aircraft; The dream of flying saucer, water gun shooting target fighting shark island, snail team, carp jumping gantry, hit the target will be issued a corresponding call; can catch the ball to play the fun of the ball and so on. These devices make the interactive experience of visitors more attractive.